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Publications, Reports and Studies
Artists against Corruption - vol 1, 2, 3
contains the cartoons submitted to the best anti-corruption cartoon contests of 2002 and 2003.
TI Global Corruption Barometer 2003

released on 3 July 2003, it is a survey of international attitudes, expectations and priorities on corruption, developed with Gallup International's "Voice of the People" survey. "If citizens had a magic wand the world over, they would most like to eliminate corruption from political parties", the report says.

TI Global Corruption Barometer 2003

Corruption and Access to Justice

Authors: Lilia Carasciuc, Efim Obreja, Tudor Popovici, Valeriu Mandru



contains the results of the opinion poll recently carried out by Transparency International - Moldova on corruption in the Republic of Moldova and its impact on the society, along with a study of the accessibility, transparency and independence of the judicial system of Moldova.

Corruption and Access to Justice

Small Business and Corruption: a guide for entrepreneurs
Authors: L. Carasciuc, V. Gasca, V. Drelinski, E. Obreja, S. Suleanschi
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