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Publications, Reports and Studies
Corruption and Tax Evasion: Economic Dimensions

Authors: L. Carasciuc, M. Ciubotaru, N. Patiuc, L. Bejan



An attempt is made to superpose the map of corruption in the regions (judets) of Moldova upon the map of tax evasion in 2002. It comes to the conclusion that in the regions where there is more corruption, tax evasion is also more spread out.

In 2002 the regions with a less favorable situation in terms of the fiscal discipline and corruption were mun. Chisinau, UTA Gagauzia, the judets Cahul and Edinet.

The study contains a number of proposals for the prevention of corruption and raising the efficiency of policies for the sustaining of the private sector.

Building the State of Law
Contains the materials of the international scientific-practical conference that took place on 26-27 September 2003 in Chisinau.
Various aspects of the concept of state of law are addressed, elucidating problems and proposing recommendations in view of the consolidation of a state of law.
The conference resolution was submitted to the Government, Parliament and the Presidency of the Republic of Moldova.
(available only in Romanian)
Journalists against Corruption - II

jurn_contr_cor_2.jpgcontains articles on corruption issues from the national print press, including those submitted to the best anti-corruption article contest of 2003.

(available only in Romanian)

Journalists against Corruption - II

Artists against Corruption - vol 1, 2, 3
contains the cartoons submitted to the best anti-corruption cartoon contests of 2002 and 2003.
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