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Publications, Reports and Studies
SPAI Seven Immediate Actions Report

include: the designation of a Senior Representative; the public dissemination of the Initiative; transparency in government procurement; some initial steps against corruption in development assistance; public participation in the Initiative; access to government information; and the provision of baseline data.


SPAI Seven Immediate Actions Report

Investigative Journalism in Fighting Corruption

Authors: V. Gasca, I. Guzun, D. Calac, I. Catana, A. Schiopu



Approaches the role of mass media in the fight against corruption and examines the legal aspects of the journalist's work, the methodology of the investigative journalism and working with information sources.

It reviews the risks of the investigative journalism and protection measures, along with the use of computers in the daily practice, but mainly in the journalistic investigation.

(available in Romanian and Russian)

The Impact of Corruption on Small Business
impact_buss.jpg(available in Romanian and Russian)
Journalists against Corruption

jurnal_contra.jpgcontains articles on corruption issues from the national print press, including those submitted to the best anti-corruption article contest of 2002.

(available only in Romanian)

Journalists against Corruption

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