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Narrative report on the activity of Transparency International - Moldova in 2009





TI-Moldova NOVIB Report 2009 Engl 367.55 Kb

Concise report on the activities of Transparency International – Moldova in 2009
Concise report on the activities of Transparency International – Moldova in 2009

Objective 1. Strengthening capacities of public institutions to prevent corruption


·    Execution of decisions made by the Chamber of Accounts and the integrity of its auditors;
·    Corruption in the energy sector;
·    Integrity and resistance to corruption in the criminal judiciary system in the south-eastern     European   countries;
·    Efficacy of public anticorruption hotlines.

Workshops and roundtables for public officials, business people and representatives of civil society: 48 events with the participation of 1621 people;

Expertise of anticorruption draft normative acts, advocacy on the anticorruption legal framework:  provided expertise to 11 draft normative acts, organized 10 public discussions, issued 6 press releases on inconsistencies in the national anticorruption framework;

Participation in monitoring the implementation of the National strategy for Preventing and Fighting Corruption: contribution to the elaboration of the national report “Progress and perspectives in curbing corruption in 2007-2009”, including financial support for its publication;

Monitoring the implementation of the Country Threshold Program in the fiscal system.

Organization of the international conference “Monitoring the implementation of anticorruption policies in the Republic of Moldova”, 84 participants, 45 issues tackled.

Transparency International – Moldova: Eight Years of Activity

Research:  corruption and shadow economy; tax evasion; quality of governance; the system of national integrity indicators; economic consequences of corruption for the Republic of Moldova; corruption in public procurement, judiciary, customs, police, education and health systems; ethics in public and private sectors; access to information; rule of law; transparency of financing political parties and election campaigns; gender and corruption; corporate governance and transparency; smuggling of petroleum products; civil society participation in decision-making, treating conflicts of interest in the public service, Ethics and university integrity; Carrying out sociological studies, developing guides for business people, public servants, civil society and investigative journalists; preparing and submitting proposals to prevent corruption in above mentioned domains.

Roundtables, trainings, discussions for representatives of central and local public administration, civil society, private sector and mass-media on the subject of corruption prevention in various public institutions and fields – over 8196, number of participants – around 21 094. 

National and international conferences regarding the threat of corruption for entrepreneurial initiative, preventing and fighting corruption, rule of law, transparency of public institutions, democracy, good governance, promotion of ethics in public service – totally 9 conferences.

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