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Transparency International – Moldova: Seven Years of Activity
Research:  corruption and shadow economy; tax evasion; quality of governance; the system of national integrity indicators; economic consequences of corruption for the Republic of Moldova; corruption in public procurement, judiciary, customs, police, education and health systems; ethics in public and private sectors; access to information; rule of law; transparency of financing political parties and election campaigns; gender and corruption; corporate governance and transparency; smuggling of petroleum products; civil society participation in decision-making. Carrying out sociological studies, developing guides for business people, public servants, civil society and investigative journalists; preparing and submitting proposals to prevent corruption in above mentioned domains.

Roundtables, trainings, discussions for representatives of central and local public administration, civil society, private sector and mass-media on the subject of corruption prevention in various public institutions and fields – over 650, number of participants – around 17 000.  

National and international conferences regarding the threat of corruption for entrepreneurial initiative, preventing and fighting corruption, rule of law, transparency of public institutions, democracy, good governance, promotion of ethics in public service – totally 9 conferences.

Comments on draft laws, amendments to legislation, documents on National Strategy to Prevent and Combat Corruption, setting up of the Centre for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption, declaration of income and assets of public officials, code of conduct for public servants, conflict of interests, definition of nepotism and protectionism, active and passive corruption, lobbyism, money laundering, public procurements, terrorism, trafficking in drugs and psychotropic substances, notary system, trafficking in human beings, human rights; transparency of decision-making; financing of political parties, prevention and fighting corruption, Strategic Plan for Development of the Central Tax Inspectorate for 2006-2010, Strategy of Reformation of the Judiciary System, etc.

Monitoring of implementation of the National Strategy for Preventing and Combating Corruption.

Legal assistance for corruption victims (about 2535 persons consulted during 2,5 years).

Publications (44 books, more than 68 thou copies free distribution):
•    Corruption and Quality of Governance: case of Moldova, 2002
•    Corruption in Moldova: Facts, Analysis, Proposals, 2002
•    National Integrity System Indicators: Republic of Moldova, 2002
•    Public Procurement and Public Ethics: a Focus on Fighting Corruption, 2002
•    Investigative Journalism in Combating Corruption, 2002
•    Corruption and Access to Justice, 2002
•    Impact of Corruption on Small Business, 2002)
•    Artists against Corruption, vol. I, 2002
•    Journalists against Corruption, vol. I, 2002
•    Corruption and Tax Evasion: Economic Dimensions, 2003
•    Small Business and Corruption: Guide for Entrepreneurs, 2003
•    Customs Activity in the Republic of Moldova and Corruption, 2003 (1 000 copies in Romanian, 500 – in English)
•    Establishing the State on Rule of Law, 2003
•    Journalists against Corruption, vol. II, 2003
•    Artists against Corruption, vol. II and III, 2003
•    Corruption in the Road Police of Chisinau Municipality: Sociological Study, 2004
•    Study on Tax Evasion and Smuggling of Petroleum Products in the Republic of Moldova, 2004
•    Corporate Governance – a Component of Transparency and Corruption Prevention, 2004
•    Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Republic of Moldova: Theoretical and Practical Aspects, Materials of the International Conference, 2004 (1000 copies in Romanian)
•    Monitoring Access to Information in the Republic of Moldova, 2004
•    Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, 2004
•    Preventing and Combating Corruption in the Republic of Moldova: National Normative Acts, vol. I and II,
•    Journalists against Corruption, vol. III, 2004
•    Artists against Corruption, vol. IV and V, 2004
•    Civil Society Participation in Local Decision-Making, 2005 
•    Preventing Corruption in Public Institutions: Guide for Public Officials, 2005
•    Preventing and Combating Corruption: International Documents, 2005
•    Diagnosis of Bribery in Business, 2005,
•    National Strategy of Preventing and Combating Corruption, 2005
•    Academy of Public Administration for Transparent, Accountable and Democratic Governance, 2005
•    Artists against Corruption: Electoral Martisor, 2005
•    Practical Guide “Protocol, Ceremonial, Etiquette”, 2005
•    Honest Business – a Key to Success, (anti-corruption guide for business people,  2005
•    How De We Protect Ourselves from Corruption: A Citizen’s Guide, 2006
•    Anti-Corruption Guide for Citizens, 2006
•    Integrity in Public Service: Ethical Pillars, Materials of the International Conference, 2006
•    Measuring Corruption: from Survey  to Survey, vol.1, 2007
•    Preventing political corruption by regulating funding of political parties and election campaigns, 2007
•    Transparency of public procurements in Chisinau municipality, 2007
•    Measuring Corruption: from Survey to Survey, vol.2
•    Legal culture and preventing corruption, 2007
•    Journalists against Corruption, vol.4, 2007
•    Artists against Corruption: election diverticement, vol.7, 2007
•    Artists against Corruption: for a transparent, democratic and accountable governance, vol.8, 2007

Monthly Informational Bulletins concerning national and international legal framework of preventing and combating corruption, news, investigative articles, corruption researches.  Bulletins are disseminated, free of charge, in 17 regions of the Republic of Moldova.

Satirical anti-corruption magazines („Pardon”, „Satiricon”) disseminated in regions of the Republic of Moldova – 4 issues with a total edition of 7 500 copies.

Anti-corruption contests organised for cartoonists, investigative journalists, youth, business people – 12

Exhibitions of anti-corruption caricatures organised in Chisinau and regions, as well as in public parks, schools – 56.

TV Series on corruption prevention in public sector – around 40 programmes.

Concerts under the slogan „NO CORRUPTION!” organised for youth, in the Summer Theatre – 2 concerts, total number of participants – around 9 000.

Anti-corruption spots broadcasted on radio and television – 56 spots.

Informational and promotional anti-corruption materials: leaflets, agendas, calendars, t-shirts, posters with anti-corruption caricatures, etc..

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