The Russian Laundromat – a $70 billion money-laundering scheme facilitated by Moldovan political elites

In 2014, public opinion worldwide was staggered by revelations of a massive money laundering scheme in Eastern Europe published by the investigative journalists from OCCRP and dubbed
the “Russian Laundromat”1. During 2010-2014, billions of US dollars from Russian banks were laundered through Moldovan banks, using illicit court rulings on defaulted fake debts. The laundered funds were further transferred to a group of shell companies having accounts in Western banks. Although law enforcement officers from Moldova pretend to have tracked down $20 billion of suspicious money, publicly available evidence shows that the real amount of laundered funds amounted to as much as $70 billion. Not a single person from the Moldovan banking supervisory or prosecution authorities has been sentenced so far for allowing this to take place on their watch.

The document is here:

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