CSOs around the World mark International Anti-Corruption Day 2020


18 December 2020 – Civil society organisations (CSOs) around the world celebrated the annual International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) on 9 December 2020. This year’s campaign, under the theme “Recover with integrity”, was marked around the world by governments and civil society alike.

The 2020 campaign focused on measures to reduce the risks of mismanagement and corruption demanded by the crisis without compromising speed and flexibility. To recover with integrity requires the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, including anti-corruption bodies, elected officials, the private sector and civil society.

In that spirit of civil society engagement, here are some of the highlights of CSOs marking International Anti-Corruption Day 2020 around the world:

                            Transparency International (TI) Moldova participated in a TV debate dedicated to the IACD 2020 as well as presenting in an online forum entitled “Promoting Reform”, which had a viewership of over 10,000. On 7 December, TI-Moldova signed a collaboration agreement with the General Police Inspectorate and two days later the National Integrity Authority awarded TI-Moldova a diploma for monitoring the activity of their institution. TI-Moldova also organised the 10-hour contest for the best journalistic investigation into corruption and published the investigations entitled “Journalists against corruption”.

                           Maison des Organisations de la Société Civile (MOSC) from Comores launched a ceremony for IACD 2020 on 10 December, with participation of the Prefect of the Centre of Mutsamudu, as well as other national and local authorities, Featured in the press and on national television, the ceremony saw the opening of MOSC’s workshop on the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC), as part of a project to increase the private sector’s role in the implementation of the UNCAC sponsored by UNODC.

                              Africa Freedom of Information Centre (AFIC) in Uganda organised a two days’ hackathon on 12 and 13 December to develop initiatives to enhance open contracting and access to information. The Ugandan Regulator of Public Procurement and Ministry of Finance participated in the event aimed at countering the gap in social accountability in the sector. In one of the sessions, a group of youth developers suggested an innovative e-tender solution to solve issues in Uganda’s public contracting system.

                           Iniciativa para Democracia e Cidadania (IDC) from Mozambique organised a week full of activities focusing on the IACD. They launched on 7 December a ceremony in collaboration with the Inhambane Provincial Office for Combating Corruption ahead of four lectures on the prevention of corruption. Lectures were to highlight anti-corruption in the sports sector and on the role of public institutions and religious leaders in the fight against corruption.

Further information:

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